At Gregory Sy, DDS & Associates, Inc., we treat the smiles of whole families–toddlers to grandparents–with customized treatment for each person's dental needs.Your youngest children need care for their budding smiles to help "big kid"teeth grow in strong and healthy. Active teenagers need mouthguards for high school sports (and pretty smiles for the prom with regular dental checkups). Adults will find that their teeth need extra attention to avoid gum disease and tooth loss or may want whitening to brighten their smile. Seniors might
need a partial denture to complete their smile. No matter what kind of care you need, you'll
find it here.
We take pride in making your visit a pleasant, comfortable and stress-free experience.
Through careful training, years of experience, and the commitment to improving and
creating beautiful smiles, our mission is to make a healthy smile easy, quick, and as pain-
free as possible. We work hard to make sure that visiting thedentist is a positive experience.
We want you to get in the regular habit of visiting our office so that you and every member
of your family will enjoy a healthy smile—for life.
• Diagnostic Cameras – a tiny intra-oral camera that can take pictures of the teeth and
  display the images on a computer screen. You see what the dentist sees.
• Diode Laser Soft Tissue Therapy – Dental lasers can, among many other things, reshape   gum tissue to expose healthy tooth structure and improve the appearance of a gummy
  smile, treat tooth sensitivity, help fight gum disease by killing bacteria and removal of
  infected tissue.
• 3-D Patient Education Systems – to help explain procedures.
• Large Screen LCD Televisions – in all operatories for your entertainment & relaxation
  during your appointments. The teens & children LOVE IT!
• Chairside Computers – equipped with the latest software for patient treatment
• Laser Cavity Detection – a revolutionary instrument that allow us to "see" cavities that
  eyes and x-rays can't- why wait and watch it get deeper!
• A Clean, Inviting, Sterile Office – we follow ADA guidelines and use the most advanced   techniques to sterilize our instruments.
• Whole Office Purified Water System – with UV light disinfection is used to provide virtually   100% pure water during all dental procedures.
• Oral Cancer Screening Technology – Sapphire® Plus Lesion Detection Oral Cancer   Screening System has enhanced our ability to detect oral cancer at early stages, as well as
  to detect abnormal tissue a precancerous stages. We recommend yearly screenings to   ensure early detection.
• Gentle Ultra-Sonic Cleanings – special technology that allows superior gentle cleaning of   the teeth while minimizing the need for sharp instruments.
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