A bridge is a custom fixed device anchored to neighboring teeth that replaces one or more missing teeth. They are the most common way of permanently replacing one or more missing teeth. When a lost tooth is replaced with bridgework, the teeth on either side of the missing one are prepared as crowns to serve as anchors to hold the replacement tooth in place. The bridges are fabricated as porcelain fused to metal units, or all porcelain units. Natural aesthetics, and function, and tissue compatibility are considered when selecting the material most suitable for you. They look and feel natural. There are no "unsightly" hooks or clasps, and are not removable. They stay in permanently.

Bridges can:
• Restore your smile
• Restore your ability to properly chew and speak
• Maintain the shape of your face
• Distribute the forces in your bite properly by replacing missing teeth
• Prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position

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