The problem of missing teeth is common for many people who have had teeth removed because of extensive cavities, gum disease, injuries, and those who may not have developed some of their teeth due to an inherited trait.

We now have available partial dentures that have no metal clasps, are flexible, and are very light weight. The material is translucent, so the patient's own gums show through, giving a very natural appearance. Non-metal partial dentures can be used to replace many or few missing teeth, and can even be modified to replace a missing tooth on only one side of the mouth, greatly enhancing its comfort.

They are virtually unbreakable, If one was to drop a traditional metal partial just say in the sink basin while cleaning it, they may distort the frame or break one of the plastic saddles. Not so with a metal-free partial. This makes them useful for patients that may be hindered with arthritic hands and may unintentionally drop them.

Non-metal partial dentures are an excellent option for the replacement of missing teeth. The cost of treatment is usually much less than either a permanent bridge or dental implants and can be completed in just two or three short visits.

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