Oral cancer kills one American every hour of every day. Alarmingly, recent clinical data suggest that many of its victims are contracting the disease not due to tobacco or/and alcohol use, but due to HPV or other causes. Moreover, the majority of oral cancers are detected in late stages, for which the 5-year survival rate is barely over 20%. As a result, health experts are now advising all adults to have oral cancer examinations on an annual basis. At your routine checkups we perform a visual white light examination of the oral tissues. We recommend the use of the Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection Oral Cancer Screening System annually. Insurance coverage is increasing for this valuable service and while some insurance companies may not cover this service, the cost is nominal and potentially life saving.

Our dental practice has enhanced our ability to detect oral cancer at early stages, as well as to detect abnormal tissue at precancerous stages. The Sapphire® Plus Lesion Detection Oral Cancer Screening System, which we are now using adjunctively to our conventional white light oral cancer examination. The Sapphire® Plus Lesion Detection is the only device cleared by the FDA for its ability to help detect lesions that may not be visible under traditional white light examinations, including precancerous and cancerous growths, and its ability to help surgeons ensure that all diseased tissue is successfully removed when excising cancerous lesions.

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