An all porcelain crown is completely metal free. Porcelain (also called ceramic) crowns are most used on the anterior (front) teeth due to the desire for high esthetics. They may also be fabricated for the posterior (back) teeth. People, who are self-conscious about their smile due to cracked, broken, decayed or worn teeth, can get a healthy, natural-looking smile with porcelain crowns. A filling can restore a small defect in a tooth, but when a tooth has extensive damage, due to decay, wear, existing fillings or weaken with age or endodontic (root canal) procedures, a porcelain crown is the most durable, strongest way to restore for the long term.

Fabrication of the crown is done by a skilled dental technician typically in a dental laboratory outside of the dental office. It is truly an art form to be appreciated. The technician will create a thin hardened ceramic understructure that will be used as a base for the application of porcelain. The dental technician will then apply the porcelain to the understructure in the shape and color needed for the individual patient.

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns:

• Excellent Marginal Integrity
• Superior Strength and Reliability
• Delivers Metal-Free Restorations
• Uncompromised Esthetics- lack of dark gray line at gum due to metal in porcelain fused to   metal crowns.

All porcelain crowns are often used in other situations such as closing spaces between teeth, changing the angulations of teeth (where orthodontic correction may not be desired), permanently changing the color of severely darken/ stained teeth that will not respond to whitening, and they can be used to replace missing teeth permanently, as part of a bridge, or over a dental implant.

As with all dental procedures, a dentist must evaluate the patients, desires needs and other parameters for all restorations done. Certain parameters must be met in some cases to allow a porcelain crown to be used. Dr. Sy can evaluate if an porcelain crown is in right for you.

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